Golden Drops Cafe


Let me begin by saying, I am an avid coffee drinker. I drink coffee, not just for the morning rush and the extra push to get me through the day. I drink coffee for the taste! Not just the milk, added sugar, sweeteners, along with any other additive. I truly enjoy the taste of coffee itself. Do not get me wrong, when coffee is mixed properly, with great ingredients to perfectly compliment the cup, I really do enjoy it. And Golden Drops Cafe does just that!

Golden Drops Cafe sources their coffee from a friend in El Salvador who grows his own coffee and is also a barista champion in El Salvador. With the assistance of their supplier, Golden Drops Cafe implemented a coffee menu unlike any other around. The coffee alone is exceptional. The espresso is slightly bitter, with a great balance of richness and a VERY, VERY smooth finish. It is a very drinkable espresso, that can be taken down with little to no awkward facial expressions!! The taste of the espresso is vibrant and stands out in any of the lattes or cappuccinos. The favorite latteĀ of mine is the signature Golden Latte! Golden Drops also has a good amount of latin food, with cuisineĀ ranging from Dominican to Brazilian to Mexican! All of the small bites are home made and you can truly taste it no matter what you decide to order!

What really makes Golden Drops amazing is the Owner, Victor Ramirez, who has a passion for what he does. Victor can talk to you for hours about his coffee, where the coffee is sourced from and how delicious the food is. He is a very delightful man who can put a smile on your face while spewing knowledge and history of great coffee. I look forward to visiting Ā Golden Drops every morning, and any afternoon that I can make it over there to study.


“Only two coffee shops in America are using the coffee beans that are served at Golden Drops Cafe” -Victor Ramirez

“I have a hard time enjoying coffee, I struggle to find one that I truly enjoy due to the intense bitterness. At Golden Drops, the coffee is amazing! I love all of their Lattes!!!” -Emily Rios

“Had a large cup of their signature coffee drink–normally do not like my coffee at all sweet but this was delicious. Ā Also had a guava-cheese empanada as a snack–tasted great too. ”
Highly recommended. -David M ( double latte.jpeg

Check out Golden Drops vast menu here: Golden Drops Cafe Menu

After you try them out and are amazed by their work, give them a rating on Yelp, Tripadvisor, and Google. Help out a local business!

Review Golden DropsĀ 

Give them a call and come check them out: 404-405-0123

1788 Clairmont Rd
Decatur, GA 30033



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