Grindhouse Killer Burgers with Fredrick

grindhouse burger

So I recently went to GrindHouse, and I have to say, they have great burgers. The picture featured above is the double “Hillbilly Style” a delicious burger stacked with pimento cheese, jalapenos, red onion, and perfectly seasoned brisket chili. I was quite impressed with the taste! One thing I have to mention is in Atlanta, we have many burger spots. What makes Grindhouse a top burger joint in the city is simple, the taste. Grindhouse does not in any way make a fancy burger. They make a juicy, great tasting, ripted (Ripted: a word my mother invented to describe a big, juicy, usually medium rare burger, that is a tad bit greasy and mouthwateringly delicious!) burger. Grindhouse should be on your top picks if you are in the mood to have a few local brews, eat a damn good burger and watch an extremely entertaining “B” rated movie. They have multiple locations around Atlanta, with the Decatur location sporting an attractive rooftop patio/bar!

So now let me explain how I met Fredrick. I was aimlessly walking around downtown Decatur on a Tuesday afternoon, and my stomach began to grumble. While walking through Decatur Square I spotted Fredrick sitting on a bench, minding his own business. I asked him how he was doing and explained how I was about to grab a great burger, and if he would like to share one with me. He accepted the offer and was excited to eat some local food for once. When I returned to Fredrick, we sat down and had quite the conversation over lunch. We talked about racial issues, politics, drugs, oh and of course FOOD! I was stunned to hear of Fredricks upbringing and struggle to break the chain of drug use in his family. Fredrick has never had much going for him in life; experiencing some very low moments. He is now changing for the better and is very confident in himself. He is currently looking for work, which in his defense is not an easy task for someone in his position, he also has found a place to stay for a while. I left the conversation with so much insight on the life of a struggling man, and hope for those who struggle with homelessness and drug addiction in Atlanta. It was a mindful experience to share a meal with Fredrick; I wish him the best in his future endeavors, and I hope one day I am able to help people like him on a bigger scale.

Check out Grindhouse here:

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Happy Grubbing!


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