8ARM CAFE “A coffee shop with an executive chef!”

Wow! I am blown away every time I frequent 8arm! This establishment was literally a blessing from the food gods for Atlanta!

8arm serves some of the, no let me rephrase that, THE best food I have ever eaten at a coffee bar. At this point, I would not even consider 8arm a coffee bar anymore, It is almost insulting. This is a culinary HOTSPOT! Owners Nhan Le and former owner Angus Brown, (Rest in Peace), really know what they were doing when creating this masterpiece. If I lived in Ponce City Market’s trendy loft apartments, I would be at 8ARM every day…. Hold on, I don’t live at Ponce, but I am at 8arm almost every day!

Back to the point, 8ARM is a go-to spot when in Atlanta. If you live in Atlanta (or anywhere around the perimeter), and have not been to 8arm, your palate has unfortunetly not matured to its full potential. With options ranging from an Egg Mcmuff to a Sweet Potato Beef shank, you know there is something serious going on in the Kitchen. And this is just brunch!

Without prolonging this post any further, I must conclude by simply stating, “Go to 8ARM!’ If you are not pleased with your experience, I would doubt that you were in the right state of mind when you came to visit, or maybe you were having a bad dream.

Now let me bless everyone with some mouthwatering pictures off of the brunch menu at 8arm, taken by yours truly, ME 🙂



potato with hummus



8arm beef shank brunch


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