Top five brunch spots in Atlanta (2018)

Brunch is becoming what dinner used to be. A time for family and friends to gather around and enjoy a great meal. Even though brunch is usually early in the morning; booze is a MUST. So Atlanta takes this meal very importantly. I mean, how much more important can brunch be, it includes the most important meal of the day fused with lunch and alcohol. The only three things needed to get through the day! Our city boasts some of the best brunch in the country! So where are the best places to get brunch in Atlanta?

  1. Buttermilk Kitchen:

The name itself implies that there is some good food being whipped up in the kitchen. I envision a little old lady, with tons of bottles of buttermilk, a big festive apron and a recipe book, containing only the best family recipes. This may not be what you fantasize about when hearing the name, but I am sure something delicious comes to mind!

Anyway, back to the delicious brunch! At Buttermilk Kitchen, you can not go wrong with any menu item. TRUST ME! I tried everything. Start with the Pimento cheese stack!

PCB EDIT Delicious house pickles with creamy, pimento cheese, fluffy toast, and some red pepper jelly. Like I said, a MUST try! Do not be afraid to try any of the amazing entrees they have to offer. Some of my favorites are the Lobster omelette, chicken biscuit, Short rib hash*, and of course the pimento omelet because pimento cheese makes ANYTHING delicious!


Go check out their menu here: Buttermilk Kitchen brunch menu 


2. The General Muir 

The General Muir, located at Emory Pointe, right on the line between Decatur and Atlanta, has a serious brunch menu. The options are wide at The General Muir, ranging from bagel platters to an extremely¬†tasty burger! Start with a platter, if you come hungry, then dive into one of the delicious entrees. Oh, and you must get a craft cocktail. It’s brunch time! Flush down the deliciousness with a unique, boozy creation.

maven platter.jpg
Maven Platter
The Burger: shot courtesy of Serious Eats

General Muir Brunch Menu


One of the newer establishments to the ATL food scene. Nine Mile Station offers great food with a scenic view. Grab a cocktail, some banana stuffed french toast and simply enjoy what is left of the weekend!

view 9 mile
The view: courtesy of EATER.


4. 8ARM 

This spot may be one of my favorites. The brunch menu is served all week and it is a more convenient spot to relax and get some work done. 8ARM is labeled as a coffee bar, but do not let that fool you. Once you try the food, you will be in complete AWE! And you will definitely be back to try out the rest of the brunch menu!

potato with hummus
Fingerling potatoes with housemade hummus
The real EGG MCMUFF!

5. Ticonderoga Club 

Although the brunch menu is not large. They specialize in what they serve. I can honestly say, Ticonderoga may have served me the best grits that I have ever had! So creamy, cheesy and perfect amount of garlic flavor. Ticonderoga also has some damn good morning cocktails; so why not spend a whole Sunday here!

jerk chicken ticon
Jerk chicken sandwich
Craft cocktails: Courtesy of Atlanta Magazine

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