Caribana Bliss. A Vacation for Your Tastebuds!

About Caribana Bliss

Have you heard of the pop-up restaurant Caribana Bliss that is ready to take over the Atlanta food scene? Imagine relaxing on a beautiful Caribbean beach; with the sound of waves crashing on the soft, white sand, while biting into some delicious local cuisine. Well, that just about sums up Caribana Bliss. This is not simply a pop-up restaurant, this transports your body and mind to the Caribbean Islands. You’re taking a journey with each bite, and it gets better after each course.

Keep an eye out for the next event. You can find out where it will be and what the menu will feature on the Caribana Bliss Facebook page, their website or on Instagram!

Passionate Chefs

The owners are all of Carribean Heritage and are very passionate about what they do. Chefs David, Jorge, Will, and Ebony Nicole have a mission to serve some of the best Caribbean food while making sure their guests are taken on a “once in a lifetime experience.” And believe me, they do just that! One of the best parts of the event is definitely getting to talk to the chefs. You can truly see how passionate they are when it comes to their food and how much work they put into ensuring every dish they serve is PICTURE-PERFECT!


A traditional Seafood Salad from the Island of Saint Barthélemy.


Not Just Food: An Experience

What I really love about Caribana Bliss, is the experience. The setting is usually at a home, so the vibe feels very comfortable. You are seated at a beautiful table, with white linen and beachy themed items perfectly set all around the dining area. At times the chefs will implement “party games” as an icebreaker so everyone can properly meet one another. Everything just feels so well prepared and pleasant.

As the evening proceeds, Chef Will introduces each plate and describes in detail the ingredients used in the dish and the Island and culture where it originates. When the plate is set down I immediately want to devour the beautiful and aromatic dish that was just set in front of me. Unfortunetly, as a food blogger, I must watch others indulge as I take some expert photos; and maybe snag a few bites from my girlfriends’ plate!

Here is an example of a menu from the last event, just to show you the work the chefs put into creating this masterpiece.

  • Saint Barthélemy

    Seafood Salad | Lobster & Shrimp tossed in Mixed Greens, Tomato and Caribbean Fruits with a Honey Lime Vinaigrette.

  •  Martinique

    Colombo Chicken | A Creole Curry from the island of Martinique with Chicken simmered in provisions.

  •  Haiti

    Legume with Sos Pwa Nwa | A Velvety Black Bean Puree served with Caramelized Mixed Vegetables over Rice.

  •  Puerto Rico

    Pastelòn | A casserole dish layered with sweet plantains, carne, a tomato-based sauce covered with cheese.

  • Cuba

    Guava Cheesecake | Cuban Style Cheesecake elevated with a Tropical Fruit Compote and a Blood Orange Coulis.

Previous dishes

Caribana Bliss has been really starting to pick up. Currently, it is not an event that receives as much publicity as it should. There are generally about ten people at the event. I personally hope to see this number rise because the food is really, really, really good and I would hate for the chefs to stop hosting these pop-ups!

Stay involved with Caribana Bliss on social media and also keep an eye out on my personal Instagram page: ATLFoodChronicles and be on the lookout for a Caribana Bliss ticket GIVEAWAY! 

Here are some of the previous dishes that were absolutely delicious!

Mofongo, A popular Caribbean Treat

bliss mofongo

The mofongo was one of my favorite dishes from Caribana Bliss. Mofongo is really not that simple to make (believe me, made it plenty of times), you can easily dry out the plantains, which takes away a lot of the flavor. The chefs cooked the green plantains perfectly, it had a great consistency, good garlic flavor (not overpowering) and just overall a tasty dish.

Heavenly Pastelon!


This dish was featured in the most recent popup menu. I probably took the fastest photo of my life on this one because I could not wait to dig in. The result….. Words can not explain how good it was. Pastelon is easily one of my favorite Puerto Rican dishes, so I was not expecting to be blown away. Well, I was wrong. The chefs did more than blow me away, they got me HOOKED! Everything was perfect; the meat was seasoned generously, the sweet plantains had a great texture and sweetness to compliment the meat and the guacamole on the side was a smart addition to this dish. I give it a whopping 5.5/5 stars!

Colombo Chicken


Moist and delicious chicken with a slightly spicy curry sauce, incorporating just the right kick to it! Another great dish from the chefs! Some people at the table enjoyed this meal most! It was tough between the Colombo Chicken and Pastelon for me!

More Amazing Food!





chicken bliss
Saheena Fried Chicken Drummets: Photo courtesy of Askwame 

You can find tickets for Caribana Bliss on Eventbrite! I will keep everyone posted when the next event is scheduled.


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