#WeeklyWednesdayChallenge #2: Who can eat the most donuts in five minutes? Featuring the amazing, handcrafted donuts from Scream’n Nuts



Scream’n nuts; the local donut/ice cream shop that makes some of the best treats in Metro Atlanta! The shop is family owned and operated, the owners even make their own ice cream in house!!!


Scream’n nuts is a must try! They always have new flavors of ice creams and donuts. They are guaranteed to have something that will satisfy your taste buds!


As for our #weeklyWednesdayChallenge, Emily and I tried to see who can eat the most donuts in 5 minutes… the results were hilarious. Emily ate one whole donut and a few bites of the second one: I ate one donut and a half!!! Which sort of makes me the winner, however, I would say we both failed. In my defense, I wasn’t really that hungry, and when I got home I destroyed those donuts!!! 🤣


Comment on our blog with a picture of your favorite donut, then follow us on Instagram, for a chance to win 15$ towards Scream’n Nuts!!!!!

1. Post a picture of your favorite donut in the comments below.

2. Follow us on Instagram and message us to secure your spot!


Winner will will be announced January 10th! Enjoy your delicious donuts!!!





Challange #1 Who can design the best bagel?

weekly wednesday challange bagles
Michael’s bagel on left, Emily’s on right


We decided to start a weekly challenge, to keep all those who follow us something to look forward to every week. The challenges will differ each week and we will begin to implement a Vlog, so our fans can watch!

For our first challenge, we decided to go to The General Muir 

We chose General Muir because they have some of the best bagels in the south. Designing a bagel seemed like a unique challenge and could be voted on by viewers. The outcome was hilarious (on Michaels end at least). Emily is known for having a creative side; she even does art as a hobby (unfair) and is hoping to one day make a career out of her artwork. Michael, does not really have an artistic bone in his body….

The viewers voted on Instagram and Emily took the cake by a long shot!

We used the “Maven platter” from the menu. It was seriously delicious!  We love The General Muir! maven platter


Now it’s your turn. Vist The General Muir and send us your unique bagel. We are excited to see your work!